About our company

ATMsystem is a young company based in Minsk. It was founded in 2009 by a group of enthusiastic and ambitious professionals with background in the design and operation of aircraft navigation systems. Since that time, the company has become an active player on the market of automated systems and software for the aviation industry. Our primary customers are air navigation service providers, airports, air carriers and system integrators. ATMsystem is a resident of Belarus High-Tech Park.

The company is certified under STB ISO 9001-2015

Today, our small team is able to offer competitive, cost-effective solutions due to optimized production and business processes. All our programmers have higher education in software technology, good English proficiency and professional credibility. For large projects, we involve software developers of our partner companies. Putting together the expertise of engineers, the insight of business analysts and the talent of software developers, we can successfully bring a project to an end within a tight schedule and with highest quality.

So far we have been centered on the CIS region, where our experience and range of products have always been in demand. As we continuously evolve and move forward, in 2017 we began expanding our activities in Europe, Asia and the United States. We are open for new partners and ready to deliver our products to new customers.